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Does Santa Claus still drink White Rock® ?

With the holiday season approaching we see all the advertising that comes with the season. 

We were wondering if Santa Claus still drank White Rock?

December 19, 1915 - Click for high resolution image
The first time we knew Santa Claus preferred White Rock was in the December 19, 1915 issue of the San Francisco Examiner.  

It appears the jolly old fellow did not need his reindeer to deliver his White Rock.

Advertising Age comment by Ken Wheaton:  "Their (WR's) Santa first appeared in the San Francisco Examiner in 1915, driving a kick-ass soda truck and looking pretty pleased with himself."

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Santa upgraded his mode of transportation by the time this ad appeared in The New York Herald on December 10, 1916. 

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 December 10, 1916 - Click for high resolution image 

December 12, 1923 - Click for high resolution image 
Santa and White Rock made their Life Magazine debut in the December 12, 1923 issue. 

It appears that Santa enjoyed a little whiskey with his White Rock while trying to decide if you were naughty or nice. 

The ad also suggests that White Rock Ginger Ale was a good choice.

Says Ken Wheaton of Advertising Age: "It's clear why Santa is jolly.  He's about a third of the way through a bottle of whisky."

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The Christmas issue of Life Magazine on December 4, 1924 featured this ad on the inner cover. 

Instead of cookies and milk, Santa preferred White Rock.  If you wanted to make up for how you behaved, this might be one way to do it.

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Life Magazine Dec. 4, 1924 - Click for high resolution image 

Christmas issue of Life Magazine in 1925 - Click for high resolution image 
Santa and White Rock again graced the inside cover of the Christmas issue of Life Magazine in December 1925.

Delivering all those presents is hard work and Santa cools off with a White Rock after a job well done.

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Did White Rock or The Coca-Cola® Company create the modern Santa Claus Advertisement?

There is a lot of back and forth about who first used Santa Claus to sell us something during the holiday season.  There are a lot of similar looking images of Santa in a lot of different ads.  Whose ads came first?

Nowhere does The White Rock Beverage Company say they created the modern image of Santa Claus.  The images that we have are from 1915 and the 1920’s.  They show what we have come to accept as the image of Santa, a big guy in a red suit with a beard. 

The archives that Coca-Cola® offers on their website state that their artists created the image in 1931. (Note. This article has been changes since we posted a link to it.)

Around this time, White Rock had come to dominate the carbonated water market with a reported market share of 90%.,9171,738469,00.html

Any company with a 90% market share in the beverage industry was a company to admire and copy.  What they were doing right, must have been a question for the rest of the beverage industry. 

No one knows what was Coca-Cola® was thinking at the time, but if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Thanks Coca-Cola®.  

Happy Holidays.

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