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Here is a brief history of White Rock and Psyche adapted from a advertising brochure from the 1970's.

1892 image

Back in the 1890's the executives of the White Rock Company were seeking a trade -mark that would reflect the clear, sparkling purity of their product. In 1893 they found this painting by Paul Thurman of Psyche at the Chicago Worlds Fair, purchased the trade-mark rights and made "Psyche" the White Rock Girl. This goddess of purity, bending over a crystal clear spring perfectly symbolized the purity of the sparkling water which was being bottled directly from the renowned spring in Waukesha, Wisconsin . . . where the water bubbles up through 1,400 feet of alabaster white rock.

2000 B. C.
Psyche (pronounced SIGH-key) was a mortal woman who became a goddess and heroine in Greek mythology. She was the daughter of an ancient king and was so extremely beautiful that she aroused the envy of the goddess Venus. In an effort to eliminate this alluring rival Venus sent her son Cupid (the god of love) down to earth to make Psyche fall in love with a mortal man. Cupid instead, fell in love with her and carried Psyche back to Paradise. This infuriated Venus, who subsequently plotted to torment and possibly kill Psyche by diabolically pretending to test the maiden's diligence with four seemingly impossible and dangerous tasks. Thanks to supernatural intervention, Psyche miraculously survived to eventually drink a cup of magical ambrosia (which was probably the closest thing they had to White Rock in those days) presented by Jupiter, chief of the gods and became a goddess. The story ends in the best Hollywood tradition. Venus gave the couple her blessings and they lived happily ever after.

Over the years the Psyche image has become longer legged, slimmer hipped and streamlined. Today - when purity is so important - she continues to symbolize the constant purity of all White Rock products. From left to right 1894, 1947 and 1970's

The White Rock company was founded in 1876 near Waukesha, Wisconsin; where crystal clear mineral waters bubbled up from a large white rock, much like the one pictured on the White Rock label. The site had previously been frequented by wandering Potawatomi Indians and white settlers who valued the waters for their "medicinal" values and legendary healthful qualities.

King Edward VII
Ambassador Without Portfolio - By 1895 America's favorite sparkling table water and mixer went international; and in 1901 was featured at the coronation banquet of England's King Edward VII. A British newspaper later commented that the King always used White Rock to dilute his wine.

Charles A. Lindbergh
Charles A. Lindbergh - In ceremonies preceding his historic flight (New York to Paris, May 20, 1927 - May 21, 1927), Lindbergh launched his "Spirit of St. Louis" transatlantic monoplane with a bottle of White Rock Sparkling Water. A beverage, at that time immediately identified in the public mind as a touch of class.

During the fabulous forties Psyche grew thinner and taller. Our reproduction from a feature article in Life Magazine of June 30, 1947 shows artist Charles Kingham and model Bettye Martin working to create the famous streamlined image still seen on White Rock products, trucks and vending machines.

Still refined, demure and disrobed, our goddess of the 70's is also photogenic. Psyche was photographed by fashion photographer Tom Andron and posed for by New York model Monica Just. Finding Miss Just, ,our current White Rock girl, wasn't easy. Photographer Tom Andron interviewed more than 100 girls before he found the perfect Psyche. We like to feel that the combined talents of this photographer-model team successfully reflects the freshness, spirit and quality of our products and at the same time captures the familiar look of one of the world's most famous trademarks.

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