The White Rock Collectors Association

The Association is for casual accumulators, serious collectors, dealers, friends, employees, and historians to mutually participate in exploring an uniquely American company, the second oldest soda manufacturer in the United States,

The White Rock Beverage Company.

In 1893, White Rock introduced a graphic symbol that even today is revered above the Coke bottle & Mercedes emblem. It alone is recognized by people of all languages (and still hotly debated). Psyche is the oldest continuously used soda logo. The White Rock Corporation has pursued and achieved a reputation for product purity and international recognition of its symbol that other companies can only dream about.

How they went about it and what it means is an interesting story that can only increase the value of artifacts. We expect that you will share the descriptions of the contents of your collections; or any stories about the items, employment & memories; or research information with the rest of the members. The White Rock Products Corporation has agreed to join with us in helping: to compile the "White Rock Story" including several mysterious disappearances, to identify the existence and grading of White Rock collectibles, and to disseminate this information for the benefit of association members and future collectors.

We intend to document the rarity and value of bottles & cans, cases, premiums, advertising, signs and other memorabilia of the White Rock trade names in the Association newsletters. In addition to the member forum (newsletter, buy/sell list, wanted to buy, annual conference and education) , membership will entitle you to access to current White Rock premiums.

Mission Statement;

The WRCA is for the benefit of future collectors. As times slips by,the advertising and artifacts become rarer and rarer. The memories of associates and employees fade. If the history is not preserved, the importance and value of White Rock historical items and collectibles will be harder to establish and market.


The WRCA wants to trace and preserve the history from Waukesha to New York sprinkled with notes on the dozens of bottling plants used throughout the U.S. and foreign places. These should be the hot areas for artifacts and attic treasures.


Those of us that are collectors will benefit from the creation of a knowledge base of what collectibles are available; what marks, descriptions and variations exist and what the value is.

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